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Mardica weighs in on multiple encounters!

Live Your Best Life!

Monday, September 26, 2022          8:35 PM

 Do you want to be living your best life? What's holding you back? What's really getting in your way? How do you address those things? How do you move forward? Do you feel hopelessly stuck no matter how many books you've read or what you do?

 So, you've done the work. You've read all the books. You've been to the seminars. You've purchased the courses – and actually completed them. You've even discussed this with your family and friends, but you just don't seem to be able to take the last few steps to get where you want to be.

I've been there, and it's a painful, dusk-dark place to be that zaps your energy day in and day out.

When you know you've put the time and energy in. when you've absolutely refused to give up, but you still are not seeing the results of your labor, it can be excruciatingly difficult to keep moving forward. It's at about this time I knew I needed something different. It was time for a real game changer. It was time for the secret sauce it was time for a dragon slayer.


A couple of years ago, I was introduced to Dr. Rick Wallace, Psy D., and after listening to several of his online sessions and finding out a little more about him, I decided to try one of his challenges and try his counseling services because I knew I had to go deeper. as I began to work with Dr. Rick it became evident that there was a lot of work I needed to do on the inside. The kind of work that you need assistance with getting through. The real soul work of discovering your dragons and determining if you need to tame them or destroy them. It can be quite a quagmire to untangle. It's so fulfilling to see success at that level, and while it doesn't come easy, it does come and is very worthwhile.


I started with the Gold package, then added a fitness package, and just recently added the full Platinum package. Sometimes, when you've done all you can, and you know you still haven't done your best, you need a little help to go deeper. Sometimes you need someone to take you beyond the forest into your own wilderness to help you find and defeat your dragons. Someone to help you take those last few steps into the beginning of living your best life.


Mardica Hicks, MBA

The Encounter I Experienced Is Next Level!

I followed Dr. Wallace for several months on multiple social media platforms until I got the nerve to reach out. The first thing that surprised me was how easy he was to talk to. It was almost like he was waiting on me to come. He knew exactly what issues were holding me back, and we got to work. 

I would advise anyone who can afford it to purchase the Platinum package; it is worth every dime. I have experienced gains in my finances, personal relationships, and overall health. Working with Dr. Wallace was one of the best choices I have ever made. 

Kathy Hamilton


Dr. Wallace,

You have significant experience with the issues we're having; you aren't judgmental, seem to find the right words, and don't criticize even when I don't do what I say I'll do. You create a safe space where I feel comfortable sharing. You also understand the black experience of living in this world. You have a calming demeanor, and it seems like you have a plan rather than simply shooting from the hip each week! You care about your clients... it's more than just a business to you, ...among many other things.

P. Jeffries

Overcome Self-Consciousness
Veronica Stoneham

Doc, you are appreciated. Six years ago, I lost my husband, and I lost myself because he was all I knew for 30 years. The pain was real, but before depression consumed me I came across your YouTube video channel. To make a long story short you changed my outlook on life. I relearned self-love. I learned about being in storms, and I learned that every day is a new day to fall forward. Sir, you help people, and I am your witness. It was by design that I came across your videos, and God gets the glory. Because I reset my frequency, and reconnected with my inner-self. I am now blessed with another husband who loves me unconditionally. For real, for real, thank you, Dr. Wallace, for sharing your wisdom and educating people like me. 

Veronica Mathis Stoneham

Find the Strength to Go On!

Another powerful message, "Reverend" Dr. Rick! My father passed this year after 6 years with dementia. I was his caretaker, and even though I thought I was ready, I have been crippled daily to get out of bed. I am able to start my day after I hear your words of encouragement and inspiration. Thank you, you are truly needed. 

Djuana Beruk

Crushing Limiting Beliefs Thumbnail (1)-1

To Reach & Teach!

Dr. Wallace The Crushing Limiting Beliefs Course was "DYNAMIC" It was Truly Eye-Opening>> Everything in this course was "Extremely Relevant" and applied to a lot of areas in my life!! Thank you Dr. Wallace; this was "BRILLIANT" and I Am ready to go Forward. I see U doing a lot of "Big Thangs" out here Dr. Wallace I plan to be in attendance for The Manifesting Greatness Event on December 10th, keep me posted Dr. Wallace I plan on being in the house huney😂😂 Dr. Wallace can you carve out a little time for me this week? I really need to get a session in if you are not too busy, Doc. I look forward to hearing from U🥰🥰

Tara Williams



The Simple Things Matter Most!


My name is Erica Tolliver, and I had the great opportunity of working with Dr. Wallace for a year. I came across Dr. Wallace’s videos around November /December of 2018 while watching videos concerning black issues on Youtube. I watched a couple of his videos and then soon subscribed to his youtube channel. In February 2020, he was promoting a 30-day challenge called “Your better life 30-day challenge”. I signed up for it and later found out I won the drawing, which landed me the opportunity to work with, and I quote, “Yours Truly” for one year.

I was very excited and ready to start the process of working on a better Me! Our first meeting was via Zoom and was the typical meet and greet You tell me something about yourself, and I tell you something about me. He gave me a little assignment due before our next Wednesday session. On our third meeting, I start feeling the benefits of our sessions. I was having issues at work, and Dr. Wallace taught me small tactics to help me overcome obstacles at work that would prevent me from losing my temper and robbing me of my peace throughout the day.

Soon I started seeing small improvements in myself and noticed I wasn’t easily upset anymore. While working together, the world was hit by Covid-19, and I was laid off from my job. I was confined to the house, lived alone, and had no family or friends in Houston. Those weekly sessions really came in handy because I started feeling depressed, and just having someone to talk to help me through this new way of life was helpful. Covid weighed heavy on my mental health, and Dr. Wallace was always available to talk via zoom or phone when I needed to talk and vent. He kept me positive and focused and gave me insight into things happening around me. I think highly of Dr. Wallace and enjoy listening to his perspective and views on issues plaguing our black communities.

Erica Tolliver

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