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Meet Our Team

Our team of experienced professionals will ensure you achieve optimal results!


Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D

Dr. Wallace is the founder & CEO of Rick Wallace Enterprises and its many subsidiaries, including The Visionetics Institute. He is the brilliant mind behind the Visionetics and Dynamic Psychology concepts. 

Dr. Wallace has worked with individual clients, groups, organizations, and corporations globally and has developed a reputation for delivering results.

Learn more about Dr. Wallace here!

Michael K. Blanchard Ed.D.

Dr. Michael Blanchard is a friend and colleague of Dr. Wallace. They have co-authored published work on several subjects and currently co-host Da Teachas podcast. 

Dr. Blanchard is an expert in student persistence and the wraparound services that help increase student persistence. 

Learn more about Dr. Michael Blanchard here!

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Tiffany Oquendo, CLC

Tiffany Oquendo is a certified life coach and personal strategist who hosts the Authentically Tiffany YouTube channel. Tiffany has successfully transformed her childhood trauma into a story of triumph, and she has a passion for helping others with similar stories do the same. 

Tiffany also successfully completed Quen Afua's Sacred Woman 12-week rite of passage program---graduating with a certificate as Sacred Woman United Nations Initiate & Family Ambassador of Wellness.

Tiffany believes everything happens for a reason and that with the right attitude, it is possible to find your purpose and transform your life by working towards physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. 

Learn more about Tiffany Oquendo here!

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