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VTX-12 Before & After

I am not only the founder; I am also a client. 

The above photo is the difference in what a year of committed work can do. No, I am not proud of the fact that I allowed myself to get that far out of shape and put my life and health at risk. I am proud that I made the decision to change my situation. Now, I want to help you change yours. 

Let me show you how I went from 258.6 lbs down to under 208 lbs in less than a year! 


Here is a little history of the VTX program and some benefits of the program. 


In May of 2012, I launched The National Campaign against obesity to engage the growing epidemic of obesity in America. With a combined Obesity prevalence in America of over 50%, Dr. Wallace said he could either sit back or step up and do something about it. He decided to jump right into the center of the war on obesity. While reviewing strategies designed to battle obesity, he noticed a serious problem; those most highly affected by the disease (those bound by the socio-economic shackles of financial strain) could not afford to be a part of programs that would increase their chances of success.

The end result is VTX-12. For a fraction of the cost of a personal fitness training program for 12 weeks with 1 counseling session per week, a 4 to 5-day training program, 7 days nutritional program, an online accountability system, and your own personal fitness counselor for 8 weeks. Now, imagine everything you just read, but for 12 months, you would have the VTX-12-Plus program (a twelve-month program with added features) The great thing is you can be anywhere in the US and take advantage of this great program due to its virtual components.


So for those struggling to reach your ideal weight, or maybe your doctor has told you that you need to lose weight for the sake of your overall health, whatever the situation, VTX-12 can provide the help you need to successfully reach your goals. There is no need to be a victim of obesity; get started now!

Let a fitness & wellness counselor set you on course to a healthier and fitter you. We often know what we need to do, but for one reason or another, we fail to achieve our goals. It has been proven that when we enlist the help of others in obtaining our goals, the success rate increases dramatically. This is why there has been such an increase in the number of life coaches in the last several years. 

We want to offer you professional and engaging assistance in reaching your fitness goals. Below you will see just a few of the benefits of having a professional life fitness & wellness coach.

Each of the programs consists of the following:

  1. Initial evaluation and goal-setting consultation
  2. The designing of a plan specific to your needs (this plan will be catered to your unique situation and will be adjusted as necessary)
  3. One direct consultation per week (these consultations are to evaluate your progress and make on-the-fly adjustments between the regular phase adjustments.)
  4. A nutritional plan based on current goals and situational variables.
  5. An exercise plan built to fit your schedule and current activity level (including an exercise chart diagramed to ensure that exercises are performed safely and correctly).
  6. Educational programming designed to systematically increase your knowledge of your body and how it responds to different stimuli (this will ultimately place you in the best position to create your own training and nutrition system once you exit the program.)
  7. Learning to measure your BMI (Body Mass Index)
  8. Learning to read your heart rate for proper and efficient cardio training
  9. Learning the difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercise and how to maximize each.
  10. Spiritual Coaching in the area of holistic living to bridge the gap between spiritual precepts and practical application (you will be able to increase your productivity across the board.)
  11. Exit strategy plan (this plan will set you up for the next 4-6 weeks after you exit the program to create fluidity and consistency)
  12. Customer satisfaction evaluation based on original goals

The most significant benefit of this program will be the knowledge you will gain through exposure to the expertise of Dr. Wallace and his team. The goal is to prepare you for a life of healthy living that is sustainable long term.

To enroll, simply choose a program package and length that works for you.  Once you make your choice and enroll, you will be contacted by our support team to schedule your initial session.


Bonus: For the remainder of the weekend or when the first five people sign up for the VTX-12-Plus (12-month ~ $997)), you will receive a second package at 50 percent off to share with a friend or loved one. 

Should you have any further questions, please send an email to lifechange@masterfitness21.xyz.


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VTX 12-Plus Fit for Life!