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Tiffany Oquendo

Authentically Tiffany 


About Me 

My name is Tiffany. I am a mother, daughter, friend, motivator, entrepreneur, and, most of all, a warrior and survivor. The better part of my life has been a constant struggle to fit in, from my own home to the world around me. I grew up in Houston, Texas, in a very strict and religious but dysfunctional family that took a significant mental, emotional, and physical toll on me. My parents divorced when I was 14, leaving me battling with low self-worth and chasing things that didn’t serve my purpose and had me feeling empty. At 17, I became pregnant, making me an adult at an early age, and as soon as I graduated, I joined the workforce to help me care for my daughter.


I got my first corporate job at 19 in real estate, and although it wasn’t much, I saw it as an opportunity to get my foot in the door and strive for something better. This job gave me a confidence boost, a sense of stability, and a feeling of pride in my work ethic for the first time in my life. However, my lack of financial management skills became an obstacle, leaving me unable to pay my bills. Throughout this time, I struggled to meet my basic needs and had to rely on friends, family, and colleagues for support, which was very uncomfortable.


In my darkest moments, I noticed that I hadn’t been to church in 15 years, so I picked up the Bible and became interested in biblical history. I identified as Hebrew Israelite and started following the Torah. I also made the hardest decision in my life – to leave my kids with their father and start a new life in New York City. With only a suitcase and $4,000, I moved to the big city and got a job as a Commercial Underwriter within a week and a half. However, despite excelling in my career, my rough romantic life caused me endless physical and emotional stress.


My healing process began at the end of 2020. In my quest to find peace, I decided to look within, take better care of myself, and move past all the pain and trauma I had experienced in the past. I left New York for Georgia despite not having a place to live and a reliable mode of transport. I got a better job within two days and a house in less than two weeks. In the fall of 2021, I enrolled in Queen Afua’s Sacred Woman 12-week rites of passage, graduating with a certificate as Sacred Woman United Nations Initiate & Family Ambassador of Wellness. I also created a YouTube channel, Authentically Tiffany, to document my life and healing journey as a way to recover and inspire people all over the world going through similar situations. In June 2022, I enrolled in a life coaching program and became a certified life coach through Transformation Academy, specializing in transforming and helping people find their purpose. I also started a business offering handmade salt baths and soy candles to encourage people to engage in self-love and self-care as much as possible.


I am a firm believer in everything happening for a reason and that with the right attitude, it is possible to find our purpose and transform our lives by working towards physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. My mission is to intuitively help guide people on their life path by using my knowledge and experience through 30-minute to 1-hour professional, compassionate, and highly impactful coaching sessions. It takes courage, determination, authenticity, and humility to take a step back, accept that life isn’t going as planned, and let someone help you get back on course. Join me today as we take that bold step together to ensure that your past does not in any way hinder you from your destiny and all the great things life has in store for you!