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The Power of a Professional Looking Logo

The Power of a Professional Looking Logo   Build Your Brand Photo1The importance of logos as a critical element in the marketing and branding process for any business. The logo is the company’s most prevalent graphic representation of its image and message, and it is the most visible manifestation of its presence within its target market. Because of the immense importance of a well-designed logo, it is paramount that a great deal of consideration be given to the design. A good logo is prevalent in establishing brand recognition in a specific market. Primary Purpose Although logos play a number of roles, the primary purpose for company and corporate logos is to serve as the graphic face of the company. When a company has done a good job with their marketing campaign, the logo will be the first image that pops into the minds of those who are a part of the target audience will be the logo. As graphical displays of the unique identity of a company, they, through colors, images and forms, provide essential information about the company and its mission. The logo is also the shorthand reference to the company it is associated with. Design Principles Although a great deal of consideration should be given to the design of the logo, the design itself should not be too complex. The logos should be comprehensible and unique, but it should not be extravagant in its presentation. One common misconception is that having a logo designed is immensely expensive. While there are graphic design companies that are exorbitantly high with their pricing, there are some who are affordable. There are also some resources, such as 5 Minute Logos, that allow companies to effectively design their own logos, and there is no need to use Photoshop. These programs are not only great for small businesses that are looking for an expensive way to create a professional looking logo, but it is also good for a person who is looking to make a little extra cash designing logos for small businesses. There are a myriad of choices as far as colors, shapes and images to choose from, so it will be important to make the selection that will best represent the company. Different industries use different types of logo shapes and designs. For instance, tech companies and innovative design companies tend to go with logos that are angular is design because they convey speed, while service-oriented firms tend to have rounded logos, which provide a sense of service and trust. Brand Identity Logos are the primary visual component of a company’s overall brand identity. The logo will appear on everything that is associated with the company, including the building, stationary, business cards, websites and advertising. Due to the exposure that the logo will receive, a well-designed logo can contribute significantly to the success of the brand. When the logo is designed properly and functions as integral part of the marketing and branding process, it will provide a substantial return on investment. Common Mistakes Many small businesses and startups tend to play it fast-and-lose when creating a design. They don’t give enough consideration to the proper size and color of the design, as well as the positioning. One thing that is immensely important to understand that it is a terrible mistake to create a crowded environment for the logo, forcing it to compete with things in its periphery. This sends a confusing message that can be immensely difficult to overcome. Another common mistake is recreating logos for specific purposes, or having logos that are similar, but not identical — dual logos can create dual identities. With the proper attention and consideration, it is possible to create a logo that will provide the sense of identity that will create the momentum that is necessary to push a company to the next level.

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